WSD Implementation

Approach 1 : Public Training Program
Lecturer / trainer will join the WSD training according to standard training outline & duration for exploring into deeper skill competency.


Approach 2 : Specific Training Program

The training is carried out as following:

PHASE 1 : Pioneered Trainer Training

  • Specially selected lecturer / trainer will be appointed by institute / university to attend the WSD training program, within specific training outline & duration, to achieve specific technical requirement.


PHASE 2 : Benchmarked Trainer Training

  • The pioneered trainer whom went through the first phase WSD training, will conduct the training (either alone or together with us) for others trainer / lecturer in their institute / university.
  • As short, the pioneered trainees will benchmark the training methodology & hands-on teaching approach which they have learnt in channeling & delivering it back to their fellow colleagues.
  • Trainers whom completed the WSD training would also have deeper understanding in subsequent planning for new academic program, suitable facility & equipment for training, etc. with their technical experience during previous training.