What is WSD ?

  • On 21st May 2015, YAB Dato ‘Sri Mohd. Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak (Prime Minister of Malaysia), unveiled the Eleventh Malaysia Plan (RMK11).

  • It highlighted that government is determined to build up the nation human resources into industrial demanding labor with greater skill enhancement., which spelled out in Chapter 5.

  • Abbreviation of Work Skill Development.

  • It is a series of skill competencies training jointly-developed & carried out by industry, or jointly with academic TVET institution (e.g. GMI, IKTBN Sepang, etc.), according to actual industrial skill labor demand. The training is carried out to Train The Trainer.

  • WSD playing crucial role in succeeding TVET transformation.

  • The WSD could be a systematic flow of complete training technology, as well as specified training on certain skill competency within the complete training flow.

  • MTS Didactic enables WSD teaching aids not only for academic training for students, it could also be further strengthened as a platform for public & industrial training according to industrial needs. This ensure the teaching aids utilization are at optimum usage.

  • The essence of WSD is, technical training are carried out majority with practical & hands-on.

  • Generally, the WSD majoring in 3 among the most industrial demanding skill training as following:

    1. CNC Process & Precision Technology
    2. Mechanical Engineering Technology
      2.1 Machine Tool Maintenance
      2.2 Machine Building

    3. Mechatronics Engineering Technology



NOTE: More WSD courses will be coming up.


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