(SAR Blended Training Concept)


Background of MTM / MBX (Machine Tool Maintenance / Machine Building Experience) Industry:

  • Due to the economical concern, besides investing in new machineries, there are quite some number of small & medium factories also interested in servicing & maintaining their existing machine to increase the machine lifespan.
  • As such, there is a huge demand in the skilled labor in the machine maintenance & servicing field.


Current Academic Trend in CNC Training:

  • There is very limited course & training in this area due to lacking of facility as well as expertise to run the course.


Current Industrial Expectation Towards Graduates

  • Industry is looking forward in getting more multi-skilled graduates rather than single-skilled graduates.
  • E.g. a student with skill in machining, troubleshooting & servicing is having higher employability & brighter career prospect than a student who only knowing machining alone.
  • Industry need graduates who could also analyze & propose constructive suggestion in how to maintain & fully utilize the machine within its capacity, as the graduates might be the one who mostly using the machine, no one know the machine better than him/her!


HOW to achieve graduates highest practicality & skill competency?

EDU MTM / MBX Lab- With SAR (Study, Analyze & Reprogram) Blended Training Concept 

  • The complete step by step teaching flow in CNC technology from basic theory up to actual machining skill, maintenance, etc. all under one Lab via:
    1. Study  : Theory, machinery working mechanism
    2. Analyze  : Maintenance procedure planning according to different application study
    3. Reprogram  : Execution of the process with actual machineries in achieving targeted objectives


 - ACTIONizing TVET.



Training Title

Training Media


FLOW 1   : PLC Programming Technology

1.1   Basic PLC Technology

- YL Experiment Case, YL 360 PLC Trainer

1.2   PLC control in Hydraulic & Pneumatic System

- YL 380 Pneumatic Trainer

- YL 381 Hydraulic Trainer


FLOW 2   : Machine Assembly & Service Technology

2.1   Mechanical transmission System Introduction & Maintenance

- YL-237 Mechanical Alignment Integrated Trainer

- YL-195B Motor, Electric Traction and Electrical Control Trainer

2.2   Compressor Operation, Setting & Maintenance

2.3   Electrical & Electronics Industrial Application


FLOW 3   : CNC Control System Setup Technology

3.1   Fundamental of CNC Control System

- EDU CNC Machine & Trainer

3.2   CNC Control System Setup and Wiring

3.3   CNC Turning Machine Setup & Programming


FLOW 4   : CNC Machine System Servo Motion Control Technology

CNC System Setup for Servo Control

- YL-569C Numerical Control Lathe Training System


FLOW 5   : CNC Machine Retrofitting & Maintenance Technology

5.1   CNC Milling Machine Setup & Retrofitting

- EDU & YL CNC Machine & Trainer, Siemens & Fanuc controller

5.2   Servo Motor Setup & Tuning


FLOW 6   : CNC Machine Calibration & Troubleshooting Technology

6.1   Machine Laser Calibration Technology

- SPINNER Industrial CNC Machine

- Renishaw Calibrator



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